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What Students are saying...

We have been amazed and humbled by the overwhelmingly positive feedback we have received.  Take a look.

“30 years as a commissioner and learned a lot from this training."
  • "It was thought-provoking, informative & provided hands-on, practical examples & training.”

  • “This is the best fire service course I have ever taken.”

  • “Content was well developed to address today’s issues!”  

  • “Peer learning is beneficial.  Ability to ask questions was invaluable.  

  • “Attorney Hannigan and Butler did excellent job. Very knowledgeable. Lots of fun.“                

“Never saw a law book in other courses in the past.”
  • “Awesome topics. Instructors made class interesting. All parts interesting & applicable.”

  • “Make it required for all commissioners over 5 yr.”

  • “Thank you for more in-depth, targeted training."

  • "Group discussion and interaction...better than pure lecture method." 

  • “It was an opportunity to apply information, training, procedures in a practical setting.”

  •  Best part of the course: “sharing of ideas by different District officials” & “participation and interaction of all attendees.”

“Not only informative but ignites thinking.”
  • "Interaction creates great discussion-learn from each other-create questions.”

  • "It will allow me to serve as a better commissioner."

  • “The course stimulates the thought process in all areas.”

  • “The whole course was outstanding.”

  •  Best part of the course: “Overall interaction with fellow commissioners and the presenting  attorneys” and "working in groups with different districts.”

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