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Fire Service Education for Fire District Commissioners

NYS Basic Fire Commissioner Training - 2023

The course provides basic fire commissioner training through examination of the authority and responsibilities of fire district commissioners. We emphasize class participation with group discussion and illustration of Fire District problems to engage all participants and make the material practical and meaningful.

Topics include Fire District Management; Financial Administration; Travel Procedures and Policies; Procurement and Disposition of Fire District Assets; Internal Controls and Detection of Fraud and Abuse; Conflicts of Interest and Ethics and current issues and developments in Fire District law.

Fire District secretaries, treasurers and fire chiefs are encouraged to attend.

The course meets and exceeds the requirements of Town Law 176-e; has been approved by the NYS Comptroller and satisfies requirements for commissioner training for those who are required to complete training within 270 days of election or appointment.

Course fee is $100 and includes 

all course materials.

In-person courses include continental breakfast, lunch and refreshments.









The Instructors:

Taught by fire service attorneys Mark Butler and Terry Hannigan, who have over 50 combined years experience advising and representing fire districts. Both instructors are award-winning, nationally-certified fire instructors who are recognized and respected for their knowledge and abilities in fire district law.




Course is split into 2 evening sessions from 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm. You MUST attend BOTH sessions of either Course. 

February course is currently full. Check back for possible openings.


Click on date below to register for class. 

Chautauqua County

Fluvanna Fire District - IN PERSON

3536 Fluvanna Ave., Jamestown NY 14701

Oswego County

Ringgold Fire District - IN PERSON

12 Lake Street, Pulaski NY 13142



Allegany County

Friendship Fire District - IN PERSON

6 Main Street, Friendship NY 14739



Class is Full
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